The Luna Glow Eating Guide

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Introducing the Luna Glow Eating Guide

The ultimate guide to hormonal balance for women everywhere.


The Luna Glow Eating Guide is dedicated all women everywhere. The Cosmic Queens, Divine Goddesses, Stellar Fairies, Magical Roses, and Sassy Foxes!

It is inspired by women  that have been victim to their unreliable hormones. The time is here to break that energy depleting cycle and plug in to your own personal lady power!

Luna Glow is designed to help with natural weight loss in addition to releasing your inner Goddess. Learn how to enjoy nourishing  and nutritious meal combinations that reflect beauty from inside and out.

Luna Glow  is designed to help  women optimize their hormones and  maximize their  creative and energetic output into the world! It’s loaded with easy to digest meal combinations that include  both plant based and meaty options. These options can be interchanged- allowing you to optimize your hormones weekly.  You are supported to show up as the highest version of yourself!

Luna Glow  includes strategies for seed cycling, meal combining, Chakra color healing as well as cycle syncing foods. This is exciting because not only will our hormones  be balanced, our moods and energy will as well!  Our gut health and digestion will be supported, allowing for  optimal immune function. Meal plans are gluten and dairy free-making it allergen friendly. You will informed and encouraged on the  consumption of nutrients from natural whole food sources.

This book is  equipped with 4 awesome meal plans. Each meal plan is  allocated per cycle.  Balancing your hormonal cycles allows  you to take more ownership to thrive in strong and beautiful physiques while prioritizing more love. This is a cosmic burst into eating for the future while directing you into eating now. Now doesn’t that sound magical?!?! Because it is! I would know because I sprinkled some fairy dust all over it!

We’ll discuss hot topics surrounding tips for finding the feminine and masculine balance, meal prep, and shopping tips while thriving through a passionate career and  a possibly demanding family or social life. Heart disease is the number one killer in women and stress levels skyrocket  as we struggle to find balance. Luna Glow comes equipped with valuable strategies that reduce stress as well as  top tips for a leaner waist and more cosmic sass!

Are you ready for the answer that you have been looking for to drop the extra pounds and manage your emotional eating in a way that is straightforward and naturally balances your hormones?

I want you to feel confident in your food choices and therefore feel empowered to work harder! Open the studio, design the café, climb the corporate ladder, write the book, design the clothing line! Whatever your hearts desires! I believe you got this and I believe that when you nourish better you will feel unstoppable. I am excited to journey with you as you honor your femininity and your  divine with radical self love and respect. My wish for you is that what ever your goals are  in life- you feel your best and reach your highest potential with love and vigor to serve your passions and contribute your unique gifts to the world.

I want you to know that you are not alone and I am here to guide you through this transition as you achieve  optimal nourishment for your stellar balance.

Whether you are a woman wishing to reconnect with your feminine side and increase your creativity and emotional connection; or  if you would like to eat a cleaner diet that supports your hormones and boosts both energy and mood- Luna Glow will certainly be the best guide for you!  I look forward to hearing about your results and unique ways that Luna Glow works to improve your lifestyle with more class, sass, and less fuss!

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Much Love Always!


Annick Lewis

Nutritionist (BSc)

Qualified L2 personal trainer