Love Your Balance

Have you been Struggling to lose weight, restore vibrant health and find a calm balance in your demanding lifestyle?

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Welcome.

I’m Annick Lewis-qualified and passionate Nutritionist with a BSc in Nutrition Science based in the Caribbean.  My mission is to help you find the perfect balance between maintaining healthy habits, happier gut health, a leaner waistline and happiness in your body to live a vibrant life.

My practice revolves around helping my clients balance their mind, body and spirit to achieve a healthy lifestyle and sense of wellbeing. This is achieved through my unique approach using The Five Pillars of Health when working with you to meet your goals and lifestyle needs: The Five Pillars of Health include not only monitoring diet for well being but include all the five pillars which are Nutrition, Fitness, Rest, Spiritual growth, and Hydration. With these pillars we navigate lifestyle habits and are able to create the best strategic path for your success, aiming to find balance in your holistic well being.

As a wellness professional, I hope to not only tackle the larger lifestyle ailments that plague our society like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity but also the smaller conditions we struggle with like poor immune function, IBS, PCOS, psoriasis, eczema and other inflammatory expressions related to inflamed gut health. Many times people just like you at first think that deciding to work with a nutritionist strips you of your favourite comforts and foods and ultimately sucks.  You may think you don’t want to book an appointment because you are afraid of how life may change, even if it will change for the better. The truth is that when you learn how delicious and easy it becomes to make healthier choices, at least most of the time, that it can be fun and make you feel much better physically and mentally. You will feel after experiencing such an amazing shift that there is no turning back. Weight loss comes with this journey, but so does way more.

Let us focus on building healthy habits which will begin to feel easier and become normal for you, as my client while you lose weight along the way. Picture life at eight years old learning to brush your teeth. I bet you built up some resistance in the beginning stages against the habit and in extreme cases may have even missed one or two sessions, but look at you now. Now your perspective with brushing your teeth is that you want to feel clean and fresh, and that is what I want for you to want for your internal body too, because hey no one likes bad breath right?

I want to show you that living a healthy lifestyle is not a chore but a fun lifestyle choice that allows you to feel sexy, confident through shaping of your mind and body encouraged by radical self love. For you to experience food freedom, happiness in your life and a lean body is my mission for you as my client. Stick with me for 3-6 months and watch the transformation of a lifetime begin.

I hope you’ll find useful ideas, products and services here. Check out the blog for recipes, eating out tips, travel nutrition, and general lifestyle tips, browse the store and see if any of the ebooks suit your current goals and if you have any questions at all, I am not far away Click here to send a message

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